A unique RA portal to complete your PKI suite – (emCA RA portal – Registration Authority Solutions)

Enterprise or Public Certification Authorities – A seamless workflow system to manage the Digital Certificate Lifecycle

The adoption of PKI in enterprise and government segments has been rising rapidly over the past few years. With increasing number of sensitive use cases, the requirement for a robust RA system cannot be ignored. RA (Registration Authority) systems help manage workflows pertaining to Digital Certificate Lifecycle. Registration Authorities can be a combination of people, process, and tools that are directly responsible for authenticating the identity of newer entities (both users and systems) that require certificates from the Certification Authorities.

eMudhra’s RA Appliance will allow your organization to manage the full lifecycle including issuing, reissuing, renewing, and revoking of digital certificate apart from managing the inventory.

Here’s a few features of eMudhra’s RA Appliance:
•It follows a 4 eye principal for individual and bulk approvals
•It follows rule based validations and approvals
•It looks at policy based issuance and validation of organizations for SSL and Device certificates
•It is integrated with certificate manager solutions like EJBCA, Open SSL, Microsoft CA, Nexus Certificate Manager etc.
•It supports video, telephonic and facial verification method

You can also check out the emCA Appliance brochure here and our emCA suite here

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