Affordable PKI….not something you hear often – emCA Appliance

As enterprises are heading towards Digitization, PKI is increasingly becoming an integral factor of a successful execution strategy associated with such transformation. While most enterprises understand the value of PKI, the cost has been an inhibitive factor on one side and the precise methodology of adoption has been an unclear factor on the other.

eMudhra’s emCA Appliance aims to address these problems by making Enterprise PKI affordable, clear, and easy. Here’s a few points to note:

  • The emCA Appliance comes in 2 versions to suit a variety of enterprise needs and offers superior functionalities in comparison to competition even at its base version.
  • The emCA Appliance is inclusive of enterprise grade hardware, HSM, emCA for signature issuance (lifecycle management & more), emAS for Validation and comes with an option to add emSigner module for document signing.
  • As always, the UI makes it all easy and intuitive for the end user and admin to manage the entire system.

As one of the largest Certifying Authority in Asia, eMudhra brings its domain expertise into the emCA Appliance and will continue to do so with frequent upgrades and patches to ensure that YOUR Appliance is always up to date.

For more information on emCA Appliance click here.


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