AI Enabled Multi-factor Authentication to Secure Banking Applications

As per a recent Forbes study, BFSI companies are 300 times more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than businesses operating in any other sector.  

Staggering isn’t it? But the bigger question is how do you safeguard your banking services and provide foolproof security as well as convenience that your customers demand in such a challenging environment? The answer to this question is through the utilization of eMudhra’s innovative Identity and Authentication solution — emAS IAM — that supports over 10 modes of authentication including Mobile App OTP, Facial Recognition and Adaptive Authentication using AI. The fact that 45+ large banks use emAS IAM to process over 10 million authentications is a testimony to the prowess of this highly scalable offering.  

AI enabled multi-factor authentication to secure banking applications-emAS
Secure Online Access to Applications with emAS IAM

Here are some of the unique features of our IAM solution:  

  • Centrally managed Admin portal 
  • Automated audit logging of all key events 
  • Risk based authentication using AI 
  • Standard driven, online APIs for easy integration with other systems  
  • Platform agnostic  

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