Are you GDPR Compliant?

If you are processing any data pertaining to a citizen or resident of the European Union, you’re probably already aware of GDPR. GDPR is a comprehensive set of guidelines aimed at protecting the personal data of EU citizens and residents globally. Of course, there’s a lot a more to it, but a very important aspect of GDPR is the encryption standards in your organization around sensitive data.

eMudhra’s emSafe, a node-to-node encryption engine, is ideally suited to ensure that you’re protecting sensitive data every step of the way. Below are some of the reasons why emSafe is ideal in enhancing data protection mechanisms in your organization

  • emSafe uses RSA public keys in identifying the endpoints of the data being communicated between two systems
  • emSafe uses hybrid cryptography to not only ensure that the data is encrypted to the highest standards but also enable quick and efficient processing
  • emSafe uses signatures and keys issued by eMudhra, a webtrust certified organization to sign and encrypt the data and ensure data integrity

Go ahead, check out emSafe:

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