Blockchain & Workflow Management

Using blockchain to secure document movement

Document driven workflows are prevalent in use cases ranging from land registries to corporate approvals. A centralized storage system can give room for manipulation of data and documents, which most often, is intended to effect material loss to specific individuals and/or cause reputational damage to an institution. Needless to say, losses resulting from such activities are sometimes, irreparable.

Many of these issues can be resolved by managing these document driven workflows, in a blockchain ecosystem.

eMudhra’s emBlock runs on the Hyperledger blockchain fabric, with a focus on smart contracts. Further, as an organization focused on Identity, we are able to map digital identity to the Blockchain ecosystem to ensure legal non repudiation to transactions conducted within the ecosystem.

Here’s a few pointers about emBlock:

  • Tamper-proof
    An immutable history of transactional records can be maintained, so no one can ever doubt the authenticity. Such records are permanently linked to the system so no one can tamper with or forge a record of their own.
  • Traceability and transparency
    Tracing each transaction in real-time is now possible. You can have instant access to a complete and permanent transactional history for each property and sale deed at anytime.
  • Data security and authenticity
    Encrypted data on blockchain make it very secured from people with wrong intentions.

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