Bringing Dark Data to Light using emStream

One of the chief challenges of Big Data lies in making sense of ‘Dark Data’ in combination with structured data from the many systems that lie in organizations today.
“Dark data” is data acquired through various computer operations that is generally excluded from decision-making or analysis because it can be difficult for computers to categorize or understand it. Needless to say, much of this data is unstructured.
In an information-driven world, all organizations have a common need: the right information delivered at the right time, in context. To this end, the activity of structuring unstructured data so as to make sense of it is time-consuming and imposes a cognitive burden on knowledge workers, thus reducing their effectiveness and capacity.
It is estimated that only 20% of data is visible to computer systems, leaving 80% categorized as dark. Unlocking and allowing analytics systems to learn from this data could help your organization reveal new insights and knowledge that might yield greater competitive advantage.
emStream, eMudhra Analytics suite could be a perfect solution to unlocking the combined power of unstructured and structured data in your organization.

  • With cognitive capabilities and hybrid cloud architecture, emStream allows you to keepvthe most sensitive data on-premise while unlocking new insights through natural language processing (NLP)
  • With ready plug-ins and a comprehensive Data Ingestion Engine,emStream can facilitate a 360-degree view of your topic from internal and external data sources. (e.g. news, financial data, social media, other general web data).
  • Running on a Big Data Stack, emStream processes many millions of records in a matter of seconds so you get insights in real-time.

emStream is a comprehensive solution suite focused at enabling YOU to make better decisions, constantly, in a scalable and personalized manner. Whether you’re a bank looking to increase credit card churn, or a retailer looking at predictive trends in the market, emStream is the right solution for you.
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