DANS chooses emSigner to achieve 100% paperless digital transformation by 2021

At eMudhra, we empower the digital transformation of organizations that envision complete paperless transformation of processes. Today, we are pleased to announce that Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS) has implemented emSigner to accelerate digital transformation and create a paper-free working environment. DANS provides air navigation services at four airports in UAE including the infamous Dubai (DXB) airport and manage the world’s largest fleet of A380’s. The work done by DANS enable over 140 airlines and enable upwards of 70 million passengers (as of 2014) to reach their destination safely.  

DANS chooses emSigner to achieve 100% paperless digital transformation by 2021
Paperless Digital Transformation Solution

Under the Paperless Strategy-2021 vision of Dubai, DANS was looking for an optimal application and overall solution to help digitize hundreds of processes within months. The application had to be resilient and hosted within DANs infrastructure. Further, with over 200+ processes that were targeted for the Digital Transformation initiative, the application had to support quick and easy digitization in a user intuitive manner. The application of course had to multi-lingual to support Arabic, English, and other languages in addition to being able to support complex workflows and form building requirements to cater to DANS’ niche set of activities around air navigation.

emSigner was identified as the best fit for DANS’ requirements upon evaluation against competing applications. Despite unexpected changes in the work environment, both DANS and eMudhra were determined to expedite the deployment and delivery of the project which was completed in less than 2 months. DANS has already successfully rolled out over 100 processes on emSigner platform within just a few months of go-live with minimal customization with a clear plan for the remaining processes in place. This helped DANS meet its Paperless Transformation objectives and targets defined well ahead of the deadline

We look forward to continued collaboration with DANS to power a Digital and Paperless tomorrow and help build an eco-friendly society.

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