Digital Authentication of Physical Paper – emSigner Hybrid QR Technology

Prevent forgery of physical documents using Digital Signatures embedded in QR Codes

Paper based documents are widely used in multiple areas across Government, Education, and other industries for sensitive purposes that involve a certain level of risk. However, to safely manage confidential paper information such as medical and financial records is a challenge. Frauds remain rampant and manual verification of such important documents can often be time consuming.

While transforming such processes into a Digital Medium would be optimal, it is sometimes not feasible due to many limiting factors. Yet, it is imperative that the risks of forgery and fraud are adequately addressed in such paper based processes.

emSigner Hybrid Secure QR helps you do just that. With a QR code based technology built on PKI and capable of online/offline validation, it can help organizations of any size mitigate any financial or other risks around forgery of documents.

Not only does it help identify authentic documents using technology, but it can also help you identify whether any specific data point within a document has been manipulated!

Some of the key features to note are:

  • Documents are Digitally signed and encrypted hence ensuring that it’s tamper proof
  • Users can read using a generic QR code reader or customized mobile applications
  • It uses advanced encryption standards (AES) and digital signature standards for encryption and authentication

Some use cases that can be related to using this technology are:

  • In Education Sector– Degree/Diploma certificates, mark sheets issued by universities and colleges
  • In Enterprise – HR appointment letters, tax statements, experience certificates, share certificates
  • For Governments – Birth/Death certificates, caste certificates, land records, identity verification records, certificate of origin
  • For Insurance – Policy documents

There’s plenty of ways in which emSigner can help your organization. Get in touch with us at to learn more.

You can also check out the brochure here

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