Coronavirus challenges traditional banking habits – It’s time to go digital!

As coronavirus (COVID-19) proliferates, alternatives to in-person banking and physical exchanges are becoming more and more necessary for business continuity purposes. Banks that are committed to preserving their profit margins, continuing business as usual, and reassuring anxious customers, would benefit significantly from using a digital medium for managing document signing and corresponding workflows.

Digital document signing and workflow management solution

eMudhra’s solution emSigner enables banks to easily get documents signed from clients and other internal/external stakeholders while , allowing enterprise-grade flexibility and control required in such processes. Further, with the use of Digital Signatures and/or eSignatures, emSigner ensures legal admissibility and assurance on the identity of the signer.

Here are some of the critical features of our unique paperless offering:  

  • Easy to use, available in 25+ languages, and no training required
  • On Premise offerings to suit bank’s security policies and ensure data privacy
  • Comes with eSignatures, works with any accredited Certificate Service Provider’s signature certificates
  • Quick to deploy, and can be done remotely in a matter of few days.
  • An optimal balance of flexibility and control to cater to Banking requirements

Here’s a quick link to view a sample demo workflow to give you an idea on the possibilities.  Give 15 minutes of your time to see the immense possibilities at highly affordable cost.

As we near a global recession, the importance of business continuity and revenue preservation is ever more relevant. Further, these unprecedented times have resulted in significant digital-first investments that may alter the competitive landscape coming out of Covid 19.

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