Using emSigner to accelerate aircraft and flight crew readiness

emSigner, eMudhra’s Paperless Office Solution for Airline Industry
Digital Transformation in the Airline Industry

In the airline industry, Aircraft readiness is a crucial factor and is dependent on time consumed during control checks, maintenance activities and paper-based flight manifest with manual approvals by concerned authorities.

Imagine if there is a possibility of reducing dependency on cumbersome paper-based processes and saving proportional amount of time!

Well, this is what the airline industry can gain when they utilize emSigner, eMudhra’s paperless office solution to digitize procedures and streamline workflows in accelerating flight manifest approvals leading to faster aircraft readiness. Here are some features of emSigner in this regard:

  • Flight crew, pilot and co-pilot, can approve and sign the manifest document easily using devices like tablets
  • Manifest templates can be mapped through workflows while running thousands of them a day for all the flights combined
  • Manifests can be automatically emailed to whoever needs to see them, from cabin crew to other on ground airline staff, and even pushed to other systems with built-in integrations.
  • emSigner provides a dashboard based visualization of the information in a way that works for your airline crew so they can make faster, more informed decisions.

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