Automate Performance Appraisal and Sign digitally

Did you know that performance appraisal activities consume tons of preparation time, employee time, and HR processing time in hours or days together including a lot of paperwork? During this time, organizations lose a staggering amount of money in the name of the opportunity cost for various known and unknown reasons. Digital Transformation of the HR department can help in automating performance appraisal and sign digitally, which reduces paperwork and improve efficiency.

Paperless Transformation of HR Departments using emSigner
Automate Performance Appraisal with emSigner

emSigner, a digital transformation solution HR departments can quickly automate appraise-appraiser workflows to collaboratively edit, review with approve and versioning facility. emSigner includes provisions to electronically sign the documents using legally valid e-Signatures or National id based signing, without any paper trail thus saving time and archiving repository with an audit log. 

Here are some of the key benefits of using emSigner: 

  • Better stakeholder experience  
  • Document control   
  • Significant time saving 

Come learn more about emSigner and eMudhra and how it can benefit you in your Digital journey. Click here to register for a demo of the integrated emSigner solution or write to us at 

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