Digital Vendor Onboarding made easy with emSigner

If you are an eCommerce aggregator, or a channel driven business, you know the pains of Channel management and its cost impact on your organization. To start with, the onboarding process itself requires a good amount of paper, courier, etc. This paper driven process slows down operational processes and creates unwanted liabilities arising from damage and fraud/ With the requirement to collect a vast array of documents sometimes ranging from KYC proof to tax compliance certificates, an average onboarding process can take up to 25 days!

Maintaining a healthy relationship with vendors is imperative. With the help of emSigner Digital Signature and Workflow capabilities, channel document management can be made up to 80% more efficient!

Benefits of Digital Vendor Onboarding Solution

The following are key areas where, digital vendor onboarding solution, emSigner, combined with digital signature capabilities can help in your vendor onboarding process:

Decrease Onboarding Time
Reduce 90% of onboarding time by automating processes thereby reducing the vendor onboarding from 25 days to few hours. This can be achieved by:

  • Signing multiple proposals at once using bulk signing feature
  • Digitally mailing vendors the documents
  • Digitally signing of documents by vendors
  • Automatically verifying approving these documents

Cut down Onboarding Cost
Reduce up to 85% of onboarding cost by going completely digital.

Seamless Experience to both Vendors and the Organization
Vendors can get a hassle-free onboarding experience across platforms and at their convenience. emSigner can be integrated with the company’s existing systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM using Web service APIs. It ensures faster turnaround time, increased employee efficiency, productivity and transparency

Decrease Processing Errors
Reduce up to 95% of manual processing errors and process inefficiencies

Secure Storage
100% safe and secure mode of document management designed to support your business modules

Improved Compliance
Using emSigner to digitally sign and encrypt documents can ensure legal non-repudiation and guarantee authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of data thereby reducing frauds. An electronic trail is also created, which makes it easy to track records thus meeting compliance & regulatory requirements

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Automate Vendor onboarding, invoicing and contracts with eSignatures.

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