Invoice Processing Made Quicker Using emSigner

Did you know that electronic invoice processing is 3.5 times more efficient than paper processing and the financial department that utilizes e-invoicing is (on average) processing 437 more invoices per employee every day?  

Then what are you waiting for! Join the paperless revolution by digitizing the entire process using emSigner, eMudhra’s new age digital signing and workflow management solution. Along the way you can also: 

  • Witness up to 80% savings on cost 
  • Reduce physical file storage space by as much as 67% 
  • Bring down the average error rate from 30% to as less as 2%  
  • Significantly accelerate turnaround time to eliminate late payments and capture more early payment discounts 
  • Enhance information control and regulatory compliance 

Here are some key features of emSigner: 

  • emSigner allows you to digitally sign invoices in serial, parallel or bulk from anywhere, through any device instantly, thus enabling complete digital transformation 
  • Finance department can use emSigner Gateway Services (ESGS) for 3rd party integrations with a host of popular ERP, CRM and Accounting Systems such as SAP, Tally, Sage, Epicor, Salesforce and others    
  • emSigner’s audit trail coupled with support for multiple types of digital signatures enables it to meet or exceed regulatory requirements such as EU eIDAS legislation, US ESign Act, UETA and many more 
  • By utilizing a host of innovative strategies — from high-end encryption and multi-factor authentication to providing granular levels of data access and masking of personal data of users — emSigner offers a perfect blend of utility, convenience, and security 

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