eDiplomas – For authenticity and ease

There are some documents in life that mean something to us as humans. Maybe because it represents our achievements or some form of significant value, either monetary or otherwise. It sure does not feel good, when others, through deceit and fraud, enjoy the same privileges without putting in the efforts. Diploma fraud is a serious issue in today’s world where ‘Diploma mills’ (and yes, it’s a real term) manufacture counterfeit diplomas as a business proposition.
We’ve enhanced our emSigner suite with the eDiploma module to address this very real problem that exists today to not only allow for digital verification of documents but also ensure authenticity of printed documents.

  • eDiploma module uses our document creation engine to automate the process of diploma generation by integrating with your DB or through bulk CSV/XLS upload.
  • eDiploma uses the power of PKI to not only facilitate digital signing but to also generate a secure QR code which can be used by anyone to verify the authenticity of the diploma (online/offline).
  • eDiploma ensures ease of use and accuracy with a three step workflow and an option to provision an ‘approver’ to allow for a second pair of eyes before signing.

And yes, of course, we care about data protection and privacy. That’s why encryption is a core part of emSigner and we allow our users to delete their personal data whenever they want (especially if they’re using the module on our cloud infrastructure)

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