eKYC, The Digital YOU

If you’re a bank, government authority, insurance company or belong to a select league of institutions which are mandated by ‘Know Your Customer’ regulations, you’re surely familiar with the increased costs, risks and difficulties that compliance to such regulations brings to your organization.

From repeated collection of paper KYC documents, storage costs, risks associated to loss or damage of paper and the risk associated with consequent penalties, the cost of physical identity management are quite high.

eMudhra’s proprietary eKYC platform helps regulatory authorities and regulated institutions to digitize the KYC process while maintaining the highest levels of security and data privacy.

eMudhra’s eKYC can help in the following ways:

  • eMudhra can help Government Authorities roll out a secure and scalable eKYC platform country-wide so as to enable eKYC with Multiple Levels of Assurance.
  • eMudhra can help private institutions roll out a digital KYC platform capable of collecting documents digitally and authenticating the user based on facial verification check against ID image.

eMudhra can help MNC’s and Governments roll out eKYC on a blockchain ecosystem to significantly improve customer/citizen experience and enable data redundancy.

Get in touch with us to talk about what we do in eKYC globally and understand how the solution stack works in detail. You can reach us at eservices@emudhra.com and one of our specialists will get in touch with you.

For more information on all eMudhra offerings, please visit www.emudhra.com

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