emSigner: Reducing the Complications Involved in Laboratory Report Signing

The growing shortage of pathologists worldwide is well documented. No wonder healthcare institutions across Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for pathology services.     

In such a scenario why not opt to act smart and make the most of available resources using emSigner, eMudhra’s market leading digital signature and workflow management solution. Leveraging this innovative solution, pathologist can review digital copies of lab reports generated from any remote corner of the globe and electronically sign using legally valid e-Signature or Digital Signature Certificate within seconds.    

Here are some of the highlights of our unique paperless solution: 

  • emSigner digitizes all laboratory records to bring in legal admissibility to physicians and other staff’s actions across all workflows 
  • emSigner supports legally valid digital (or electronic) signatures compliant with most global healthcare laws to ensure domestic and cross-border digital communication in an effective and secure manner 
  • emSigner places highest importance to data security and the whole architecture is designed to prevent tampering of data in lab reports, thereby ensuring accurate delivery of healthcare services. Measures that are taken to ensure security of highest order start from utilization of high-end encryption and multi-factor authentication to providing granular levels of data access and masking of data in lab reports 

There’s plenty of other ways in which emSigner can augment your operations. To learn more get in touch with us at eservices@emudhra.com and visit: https://www.emsigner.com

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