Close Contract Electronically using emSigner While Working from Home

Traditional paper based contract signing and approval process is proving to be too long and cumbersome for many organizations. Don’t you agree?

Now is the ideal time to shift to electronic contracts with digital signatures while working from home.

E-contracts generated using emSigner, eMudhra’s AI enabled e-contracting solution, can simplify and reduce the turnaround time for signing and approval by enabling your prospects to view and provide a digital signature for a proposal instantly on a computer, smartphone, or tablet or on your e-commerce site. Greater efficiency through electronic transactions can boost your close rates and increase your sales considerably.

emSigner can also help you in:

  • Collaborative preparation and approval of contracts from anywhere with complete track changes and version control
  • Getting the contracts counter-signed by people from outside the organization instantaneously
  • Creating a system of record for all audit and compliance purposes
  • Streamlining storage and retrieval of contracts

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