Electronic Signature Solution for Sales

Electronic Signature Solution for Sales - emSigner

What is an Electronic Signature Solution?

Electronic signature solution provides a new and innovative way for digital signing and document management. eSignature software also allows users to create, manage and customize, and automate workflows as per requirement. Using electronic signature-based solution, organizations can digitize their business processes and provide complete digital experience to its customers. The demand for electronic signature solutions has increased many folds in the wake of quick adoption of Digital Transformation solutions by organizations to maintain their business continuity.

Why an Electronic Signature Solution for Sales?

Before we discuss — Why an electronic signature solution for Sales professionals? Let us first understand the disadvantages of paper workflow used by sales teams in the traditional way of completing the sales process.

There are many issues associated with paper-based signing and workflow management that raises a number of risks and also affects the efficiency of sales process. Some of the key challenges are mentioned below.

Low productivity: Paper-based signing of sales-related documents takes too much time. If you need to sign a sales contract then you will have to print & wait for the authorized signatory’s presence in the office. Once it is signed you need to scan back and send by mail or courier it back to the second party. Needless to say that this is a completely unproductive work and also in some cases, it ends up in the deal getting canceled.

Legal problems: We all know that to err is human. Hence we cannot deny error while manually drafting the sales agreements. Sometimes such unnoticed errors could create a legal issue between two parties involved.

Lack of transparency: Managing paper-based Sales workflows makes it difficult to track the status of the paper contracts. You cannot check what status of the document; whether it is signed or not, this can only be known once you receive the signed copy back from the client.

Customers Dissatisfaction: The whole paper-based document signing and workflow management process is cumbersome and time-consuming. This becomes one of the reasons for bad customer experience and makes customers dissatisfied.

How Electronic Signature Solution Simplifies Sales Process?

So far we have discussed what are the key challenges involved in paper-based signing and workflow management. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of using an electronic signature solution for Sales.

Speed up Sales Process: Electronic signature solution fasten up the overall Sales process by enabling a way to sign documents digitally using an electronic signature. Thus, the printing of documents is not needed to get the wet signature on the printed documents; instead, it can be signed electronically.

Remote Document Signing: Electronic signature solution allows both parties to sign documents from anywhere on any device by making use of legally valid digital signature / electronic signature or eSign services. With the remote signing facility offered by eSignature Solution, one doesn’t need to wait for the authorized signatory to come to the office anymore. Learn more here.

Lessens the Legal Risks: Electronic signature Solution comes with auto audit trail and document version control features that ensure the correctness of the document and reduces the legal risks.

Enables Document Tracking: It provides a mechanism to track the status of the Sales contracts, and other business documents that are in the process of signing by other parties.

Better Document Management: Electronic signature solution stores documents in digital form hence the managing the documents becomes quite easy and convenient. It can easily be accessed by its name, creation date, and other related tags.

Security of Documents: Electronic signature solution follows the standard security guidelines issued by various governing bodies. Hence the documents are accessible to the right person with the right access permission.

Improves Customer Experience: Electronic signature solution improves the customer experience and their satisfaction by giving them complete digital & paperless experience.