emAS IAM: One Stop Solution for Providing End-to-end Security

Did you know that on average:

  • 6,189,295 records are stolen everyday
  • 257,887 records are stolen every hour
  • 4,298 records are stolen every minute
  • 72 records are stolen every second
  • The average cost of a stolen record is between $155 to $355; while the average cost of a breach is $3.62 million — Ponemon Institute

When the threat perspective along with the monetary risk of a cyber-attack is at such a high level, enterprises cannot rely on traditional 2-factor Authentication (2FA) solution — which has time and again proved to be vulnerable against highly motivated cyber-criminals — to provide complete security. In such an environment, the only way organizations can stay one step ahead of the hackers and future proof themselves is by implementing a more sophisticated Identity, Authentication, & Access ecosystem across the organization.

emAS IAM helps you with just that. It not only provide organizations with multiple additional layers of security that better evaluate user’s identity, but it also help them to deliver better user experience by not requiring users to take additional steps unless a risk or vulnerability is detected.

Here are some of the unique features of our new age IAM solution:

  • Built-in Single Sign-on (SSO) and adaptive authentication to offer an all-in-one solution
  • Standard driven, online APIs for easy deployment and seamless communication with other systems
  • Platform agnostic solution that is highly flexible and scalable

No wonder emAS IAM is currently being utilized by over 45+ financial enterprises, including some of the biggest banks in India and around the world to process over 10 million authentications every month.

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