emAS IAM – What’s special about it?

With personal data protection laws taking effect globally and quite possibly, locally within your country, it is imperative that you have adequate systems in place to ensure compliance. It is commonly known now that non-compliance can lead to a devastating financial penalty and brand impact that would be difficult for any organization to reasonably recover from.
Identity Governance is ever more important today and unlike the earlier days, not something that your organization can afford to postpone. emAS IAM (Identity and Access Management) helps you get a few steps closer to ensuring compliance.

  • emAS IAM is feature packed with advanced adaptive authentication, supported by 15 other factors of authentication which you can pick and choose to ensure access level protection.
  • emAS IAM comes with a simple and intuitive dashboard that helps you manage
    EVERYTHING end to end in three simple steps
  • emAS IAM comes with SSO, advanced provisioning, advanced reporting and everything else you would need to get started right away

Needless to say, emAS IAM offers PKI Authentication and integrated with emCA for signature issuance to devices and users if you want to go the extra mile.

We’ve only just scratched the surface with this email. Schedule a call with your account manager today to understand how emAS is perfectly suited to manage identity and access in your organization.

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