emAS MFA – Addressing the Need for Strong Authentication

Businesses and consumers alike world over are encouraged to adopt Two-factor Authentication (2FA) as a means of strengthening their security apparatus. But 2FA isn’t ironclad and the recent cyber-attack in Germany wherein hundreds of bank accounts were drained after hacking the routing system and redirecting text messages is a testimony to this fact.

In such an environment the only way organizations can stay one step ahead in preventing unauthorized access is by utilizing adaptive or risk-based authentication provided by emAS MFA, eMudhra’s multi-factor authentication solution. emAS MFA not only provides organizations with multiple additional layers of security that better evaluate user’s identity, but it also helps them to deliver better user experience by not requiring users to take additional steps unless a risk or vulnerability is detected.

Here are some of the unique features of our new age MFA solution:

  • eMudhra’s emAS MFA allows over 15 modes of authentication including biometric, iris and password-less access (FIDO) using cryptographic keys that are extremely secure
  • emAS MFA provides unlimited flexibility with regards to usage of hardware as it supports a wider range of devices than any of its contemporaries
  • Covering a wide range of authentication mechanisms, emAS is a future proof solution that can add value to you and your customers as you augment your authentication policies

No wonder emAS MFA is currently being utilized by over 47 banks to process over 10 million authentications every day.

Go check out the brochure here.

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