emAS Suite Latest Addition, ID Authentication

The ever increasing threat of information and identity theft emphasizes the need for a secure identity management solution. Organizations need to provide access to sensitive corporate resources and manage access to an ever-growing number of employees, partners, vendors and customers. In doing so, it’s imperative to consider a future-proof and secure technology that can cover a range of requirements under a single umbrella
so as to reduce costs while increasing security across your organization.

Using eMudhra’s new Identity Management solution emAS IAM, organisations can now;

  • Create more effective internal controls, including the use of mode strong authentication, authorization and single sign-on (SSO), centralized provisioning etc.
  • Get business benefits like cost reductions and increased levels of service.
  • Avail the benefits of a comprehensive suite of products that supports an extensive range of client-server, Web and Web Services environments,
  • Lower costs associated with the deployment and management of user, application and device identities while making it easier to securely access applications and information over the Internet.

Few key features to highlight emAS IAM

  • Highly scalable platform with capacity to handle high volume of requests
  • Built-in SSO supporting common standards
  • 15+ factors of authentication supported
  • Easy User Provisioning
  • Supports transaction level Authentication
  • Comes with Adaptive Authentication

To learn more about how emAS IAM can help your organization, please get in touch with your account manager or email us at eservices@emudhra.com to ensure security of your digital life.

You can also check out the brochure here

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