emBlock – A ready Prototype for Smart Contracts on Hyperledger – Blockchain

Are you concerned about the maintenance, security and verification of your contracts? Worried about alteration, manipulation and frauds?

Blockchain is a cutting edge technology that is expected to revolutionize industries in terms of bringing in more transparency, efficiency and not to forget, enabling paperless transformation.

eMudhra’s emBlock is The Technology you should consider embracing. We are here to provide you with a robust solution to your myriad concerns.

eMudhra’s proprietary eKYC platform helps regulatory authorities and regulated institutions to digitize the KYC process while maintaining the highest levels of security and data privacy.

Here’s a few things you should know about emBlock:

  • emBlock is a ready Blockchain platform built on Hyperledger Fabric that allows any industry use case to be Blockchain enabled.
  • emBlock does not require any change to be made to your existing IT system.
  • emBlock has prebuilt API’s for Smart Contract execution that allows existing applications to move data storage across a distributed ledger.

For more information on emBlock, specifications and details, please click here to view the Brochure Link – https://www.emudhra.com/case-studies/Blockchain_Brochure.pdf

For more information on all eMudhra offerings, please visit www.emudhra.com

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