emCA – Quickly deploy Enterprise PKI for User and Device Identity Management at really Low Investment

Did you know that emCA, eMudhra’s core PKI solution, is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious and security-conscious organizations to secure their identities – be it for users, websites or devices!

emCA’s stack includes:

  • Core PKI Solution
  • OCSP Module
  • Timestamping Authority
  • Registration Authority or Business Module
  • Remote Signing Service compliant with ETSI standards

Leveraging our experience in operating large scale Certifying Authorities globally, we have:

  • Deployed PKI infrastructure for World’s second largest armed forces 
  • Deployed PKI infrastructure for the Certification Authority promoted by the Central Bank
  • Deployed National ID based signing for 40mn users 
  • Supported IoT deployment for a large manufacturing company 

Why wait? If you are running an Enterprise CA that is expensive or difficult to operate, migrate to emCA. emCA supports easy migration from other large CA products and can help setup and manage your CA operations.

Learn more about emCA in this quick 2-minute video here 

emCA: Delivering End-to-end PKI Services

Interested to know more? Reach out to us at eservices@emudhra.com or visit website: https://emudhra.com

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