emSigner Integrates with Tally for Digitally Signing Invoices

emSigner has recently completed another huge integration with Tally, the popular accounting platform for digitally signing invoices. Tally is a market leader in accounting solutions for mid markets and is sold in several countries across the globe. With this much-awaited integration, customers can quickly sign, transfer and check the authenticity as well as integrity of documents generated using Tally platform on the go. This also helps organizations meet legal compliance and make electronic contracts such as invoices enforceable particularly in countries like India where invoices need to be digitally signed as per the Goods and Service Tax Act.

This enables customers to generate quicker revenues, reduce costs and enhance vendor and customer experience, all the while being compliant with global standards for eSignature.

Here are some of the highlights of emSigner suite:

  • emSigner as a workflow platform supports Digital Signature Certificates issued by any Certifying Authority. Out of the box, it comes with support for Crypto-token based signatures, Remote Signatures, eIDAS compliant signatures, eSign (in India) and eSignatures that are based on Click or Type to Sign
  • emSigner places highest importance to data security and the whole architecture is designed to ensure protection of personal data and mitigate cyber security attacks. Measures that are taken to ensure security of highest order start from utilization of high-end encryption and multi-factor authentication to providing granular levels of data access and masking of personal data of users
  • emSigner allows you to digitally sign documents in serial, parallel or bulk from anywhere, through any device instantly, thus enabling effective paperless transformation

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You can also check out the brochure here.

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