emSigner – The Most Secure Paperless Office

Going paperless is a good way to cut down on clutter, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. A real paperless office solution must address the key problem of legally signing documents in any workflow which may involve domestic or cross-border engagements. In today’s world however, there is the additional concern of ensuring
data privacy and confidentiality to ensure compliance with global regulation on personal data protection.
emSigner, eMudhra’s paperless office solution helps you do just that! emSigner is a comprehensive paperless office suite that not only helps you sign digitally, but helps you build your entire document ecosystem in a digital manner.
Here are some key features of emSigner:

  • emSigner supports legally valid digital (or electronic) signatures compliant with most global laws to ensure domestic and cross-border digital communication in an effective and secure manner.
  • emSigner communications are encrypted to the highest standards with a tamper-proof document-level audit trail, and system-level audit trail.
  • emSigner Suite focuses not just on signatures, but also complementary solutions that can digitize your organization such as document authenticity management, digital locker system, and more.

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Note: emSigner application and emSigner support are now available in Spanish.

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