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The world is gradually becoming a paperless society, and the education sector is no exception. Going paperless ensures unprecedented productivity, effective cost mitigation, and enables efficient collaboration among students, professors, administrative staff, and even parents!

For universities and other educational institutions, going paperless requires viable, trustworthy electronic versions of their most important documents, such as diplomas, certificates, transcripts, admission letters etc. The sensitive nature of these documents creates a challenge in sustaining a reliable, highly trusted and secure network, as well as meeting all data privacy and compliance regulations.

By utilizing emSigner, universities can assure the electronic versions of these important documents are more trustworthy and less prone to fraud comapred to the paper versions they are replacing.

Let’s look at some use cases wherein emSigner can make a difference in the educational sector:

  1. Admission process

Students would no longer have to run from pillar to post for getting physical admission forms and filling them up. They can do this from the convenience of their home through the university’s website. Managing and storing these documents on the cloud would also be beneficial to the universities (though we support on premise solutions also!)

  1. eDiplomas, eCertificates

Automate the process of diploma generation by using our bulk document creation and bulk signing engines. We will even generate a unique digitally signed QR code for each document so anybody viewing the printed document can verify its authenticity through their smartphone!

  1. Administration process

All documents starting from admission until graduation can be made paperless thus eliminating extensive labor and time, duplication & misplacement of student records and documents, not to forget that Institutions can save on cost associated with printing, storage and postage, which usually adds up to a lot!

  1. HR Process

Documents related to human resources, payroll, accounts payable, travel, and contracts can also be made paperless not only to improve efficiency but also to ease storage, accessibility, and efficiency of said processes.

There’s plenty of ways in which emSigner can help your Institution:

  • Quick and efficient access of information by staff members
  • Bring in a well-structured, automated workflow to processes such as admissions, advancement etc.
  • Protect the security and integrity of digital information at the institutional level

Get in touch with us at eservices@emudhra.com to learn more.

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