emStream – Analytics as a Service

Organizations and even teams within large organizations today are faced with massive challenges thanks to the explosion of data from multiple channels. The magnitude of data is often overwhelming. However, when such data is streamlined, processed, and translated to business logic, it can offer a significant advantage to your business over the competition.

emStream can help you do just that. It runs a comprehensive technology stack that can capture the meaning of information, establish domain specific relationships and support the integration of structured, semi-structured and unstructured information to effectively derive actionable insights from what would otherwise be an unmanageable amount of data.

Here’s a few things you need to know about emStream:

  • Runs on a proprietary Natural Language Processing engine that has connectors to social networks, blogs, boards, news sites that can uncover sentiments, named entities and problems with a high level of accuracy.
  • Allows businesses to run predictive analytics on structured and text data to effectively manage organization reputation and mitigate risk.
  • Designed for high volume and velocity data with ability to get insights real time.
  • Combines capability of extracting useful social information for personalized marketing.
  • Allows UI driven machine learning for complex model building and scenarios.
  • Built on top of Apache Spark, emStream powers some of the most sophisticated machine learning use cases such as Fraud Detection, Graphs, and Online Reputation Management etc.

Reach out to us for a quick demo to understand how you can leverage emStream for your data analytics use cases.

You can also check out the brochure here

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