emStream: Making Machine Learning Work for You

The benefits of embracing machine learning in your business are many. In fact, this is what some of the early movers have to say about making ML as part of their business:

  • 76% of leaders say that they got higher sales growth by using machine learning
  • More than 50% of enterprises are applying machine learning to refine marketing issues
  • 38% of CIOs say that ML allowed them to gain better sales performance metrics
  • A few European banks have already improved new product sales by 10% while decreasing churn by 20%
  • 97% of leaders believe the future of marketing will consist of savvy marketers working in collaboration with machine learning-based automation entities

No wonder, more than 50% of organizations across the globe are leveraging ML to augment their operations. Then what are you waiting for? Make machine learning a part of your business. If you are wondering where to start, look no further than emStream, eMudhra’s market leading Big Data analytics solution. Built on top of a powerful Apache Spark based Machine learning technology, our Big Data analytics engine can help you run seamless data aggregation, processing, and visualization processes that can turn data into insight, and provide decision makers with the tools they need to succeed.   

Here are some of the highlights of your new-age ML based analytics solution:

  • Running on a Big Data Stack, emStream can process millions of records in a matter of seconds so that you get insights in real-time
  • With ready plug-ins and a comprehensive Data Ingestion Engine, emStream can facilitate a 360-degree view about a particular cause or concern from internal and external data sources (e.g. news, financial data, social media, other general web data)
  • emStream has the ability to retrieve data from a host of data sources including Blogs, Boards, Forums, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter Feeds, Facebook Brand Page, Custom URL and so on

Get in touch with us at eservices@emudhra.com or visit our website www.emudhra.com for more information.

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