Expedite Data to Value Cycle Using emStream

Expedite Data to Value Cycle Using emStream

As per a recent Forrester report, though 74% of firms intend to be ‘data-driven’ and have invested heavily in Big Data analytics, a mere 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action.

This doesn’t have to be the situation anymore! Organizations across verticals can seamlessly and cost-effectively connect analytics to actions using emStream, eMudhra’s AI based Big Data analytics solution. Built on top of a powerful NLP technology and based on Apache Spark Machine Learning, our Big Data analytics engine can help you run seamless data aggregation, processing, and visualization processes that can turn data into insight, and provide decision makers with the tools they need to succeed.

Here are some of the highlights of our new-age analytics solution:

  • Running on a Big Data Stack, emStream can process millions of records in a matter of seconds with no coding required to get you insights in real-time
  • With cognitive capabilities and hybrid cloud architecture, emStream allows you to keep the most sensitive data on-premise while unlocking new insights through natural language processing (NLP)
  • With ready plug-ins and a comprehensive Data Ingestion Engine, emStream can facilitate a 360-degree view about a particular cause or concern from internal and external data sources (e.g. news, financial data, social media, other general web data)

Get in touch with us at eservices@emudhra.com for more information.

You can also check out the brochure here

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