Generate Policy Documents in Bulk Using emSigner

Want to reduce turnaround time for generating and issuing insurance policies by up to 80%? Then look no further than emSigner, eMudhra end-to-end paperless office solution.  

Using this innovative solution, insurance companies can quickly pull data from any server and feed them into an automated template generation engine to generate policy documents in bulk. Leveraging the emSigner signature gateway, the authorized signatory (s) can then sign these documents using legally valid electronic or digital signature in bulk to bring in legal admissibility and non-repudiation into the process.  

Here is a snap-shot of some of the most revered features of our innovative paperless offering: 

  • emSigner supports digital certificates that are legally valid globally 
  • emSigner gives the liberty for signers to review and sign smart policy documents individually or in bulk 
  • With emSigner there will be zero loss of quality while printing policy documents 
  • emSigner offers robust and flexible policy document template design that can be customized to accommodate requirements of any size  

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