How emAS IAM can help your organization?

Here are a few statistics to chew upon:

  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds
  • 7 out of 10 organizations say that their security risk has increased significantly in over the last few years
  • Since 2013 there are 3,809,448 records stolen from breaches every day

What does these statistics highlight? Well, these stats call for better security, which ensures people with malicious intent don’t get through the system. But how do you manage to accomplish this objective? The answer to this question is through the utilization of a new age IAM solution offered by eMudhra. The fact that 400+ companies, including some of the biggest banks in India and around the world use emAS IAM to authenticate over 10 million transactions every month, is a testimony to the prowess of this innovative offering.

Here are some of the security features of our new age IAM solution:

  • Use of MFA and risk-based authentication for user login and access
  • Encrypted storage of personal data of users in database using advance encrypted standards SSL/TLS certificates for encrypted communication between client and server
  • Internal VAPT tests conducted periodically to check for vulnerabilities based on Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) recommendation

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