Ensure your business runs smooth, even from home!

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, staying safe is ever more important! As we all know, this often requires organizations to migrate to work-from-home models rapidly. Needless to say, this can cause some concerns around business continuity, especially in ensuring approvals, signatures, and corresponding documents are moving smoothly, in a measurable and timely, manner.

If you’re facing any challenges on this front, we’re happy to help your organization. Leveraging emSigner, eMudhra’s paperless office solution, we can help you manage your critical workflows, documents, signatures, and approvals in a seamless and remote manner that puts the safety of your workforce at the forefront.

emSigner can help you:

  • Sign documents electronically/digitally from any mobile, tablet, or web interface.
  • Create, manage, and monitor your organizational workflows to ensure timely progress
  • Promote the safety of your workforce without compromising business continuity

Want to know more about how emSigner can augment your business? Connect with us at eservices@emudhra.com for more information.  

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