Adding Trust factor in Digital Transformation with Identity and Access Management

Adding Trust factor in Digital Transformation with Identity and Access Management

A tight-knit Identity and Access Management system such as emAS IAM is critical for organizations as risk mitigation against identity fraud is the key to ensure safe digital transformation in the new normal. A strong IAM is an integral part of Identity Management as everything connected to network needs to be secured against cyberattacks.

All organizations, be it government or private enterprise needs to deploy a security module to regulate access to digital infrastructure in the form of applications, devices, networks and all such interfaces with exposure to business data. It is important to find a solution that is unified in nature and comes as a one-stop solution for comprehensive Identity and Access Management using Multifactor Authentication, Adaptive authentication, Single Sign on (SSO), an intuitive dashboard and backend to handle large volume of concurrency in the network.

Features of comprehensive Identity and Access Management Solution

A Policy driven Solution Powered by PKI

Create watertight policies for access management based on threat assessment and data exposure. Create digital identities using PKI technology to authenticate identity for high-value transaction and information sharing

Multifactor Authentication Engine

One may not need everything, but it’s always satisfying to choose from a bundled offering. Get to choose from Advanced Password and Crypto Token/Digital Signature based authentication to Facial, Grid, Behavioral Analytics and QR Code based authentication

Browser based Single Sign-On (SSO) with Intuitive Dashboard

It’s important for your IAM solution to support Single Sign On via common authorization protocols such as SAML, OAUTH, AD, and LDAP with manual or auto provisioning functionality

End-to-end Access Management

Define custom access request workflows basis your application and resources at hand. Your IAM system should be able to automate multi-level approval mechanism with multiple users required to process the access request in series or parallel

Leverage Adaptive Authentication

Analytics driven anomaly detection helps leverage various dimensions and associated metrics around user login and post login activities in high risk scenarios where additional identity assurance is mandatory and critical

Automated User Previsioning

Deploy automation for provisioning internal or external users with APAD/AD. This feature is helpful for effective Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) in real time. You can either automate entire user provisioning or do it manually based on your internal workflow

Key Benefits of Identity and Access Management

  • Cost-effective solution with API based integration for end-to-end security
  • An agile solution with easy deployment or migration across operating systems
  • FIDO compliant authentication standards and support for mobile authentication
  • One of the few solutions in the market to support global CA certificates and PKI based authentication

emAS IAM solution is a state-of-the-art solution that comes with a short time to market and adds tremendous value to your digital transformation ecosystem. All organizations, large and small stand to benefit from this standards compliant, user friendly and scalable IAM solution.  

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