eMudhra Gets Mentioned in Gartner’s Research Titled, “Manage the Critical Risks of Using Electronic Signature”

eMudhra, a renowned name in the electronic signature space, has been identified by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, in the report titled, ‘Manage the Critical Risks of Using Electronic Signature,’ published by Brian Lowans and Tricia Phillips.

eMudhra Gets Mentioned in Gartner’s Research Titled, “Manage the Critical Risks of Using Electronic Signature”

The Report mentions eMudhra as a Sample Vendor in the field of ‘Electronic Signature.’ We believe that this is the first time eMudhra is getting mentioned in a Gartner Report related to Electronic Signatures.

Talking about the recognition, Arvind Srinivasan, Head – Strategy Initiatives & Global Markets, eMudhra, says, “I believe that getting mentioned as a Sample Vendor in Gartner’s Research, ‘Manage the Critical Risks of Using Electronic Signature,’ is a great recognition of our ability to drive digital transformation through the use of electronic signatures. We consider this as a reaffirmation of our long history of delivering innovative signing solutions in a smart and cost-effective manner.” 

Arvind adds, “The unique ability of our signing application — emSigner — is that it lets the customers do more than just signing document. It not only enables companies to power electronic signing workflows and drive automation, but also uses AI to help manage risk governance better. In the process it is providing real business value for the customers.”

“Also the signing application has been significantly refined to suit the needs of multiple industries through first-hand industry experience and knowledge. This has resulted in multiple big deals/deployments across geographies including West Africa, Latin America, USA, Middle East, and other regions,” he concludes.  

Here are some key highlights of emSigner:

  • emSigner as an electronic signing platform supports Digital Signature Certificates issued by any Certifying Authority. Out of the box, it comes with support for Crypto-token based signatures, Remote Signatures, eIDAS compliant signatures, eSign (in India), and eSignatures that are based on Click or Type to Sign
  • emSigner allows users to electronically/digitally sign documents in serial, parallel or bulk from anywhere, through any device instantly, thus enabling effective paperless office transformation
  • Third-party applications can be easily integrated with emSigner with either powerful API’s or Signer Gateway

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Gartner, Manage the Critical Risks of Using Electronic Signature, Brian Lowans and Tricia Phillips, 26 June 2020

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