Create an End-to-End Paperless Ecosystem in a Simple and Cost-effective Manner Using emSigner

Last year companies across the globe invested approximately $1.3 trillion on taking the digital route. But tragically, recent studies shows that nearly 70% of these endeavors had missed the mark, causing an accumulated loss of over $900 billion. (Source:  Forbes)

Don’t let this baggage weigh you down! Embrace a complete digital ecosystem in a simple and cost-effective way by using emSigner, which is eMudhra’s market leading digital signature based workflow management solution that is used by a host of Fortune 100 organizations to manage their workflows digitally. The core of emSigner is designed to offer high-end security and flexibility with multiple signing options, paired with easy integration into any existing application ecosystem. This makes it an ideal solution for end-to-end paperless ecosystem.

Here are some key features of emSigner:

  • emSigner’s audit trail coupled with support for multiple types of digital signatures enables it to meet or exceed regulatory requirements such as EU eIDAS legislation, US ESign Act, UETA and many more
  • By utilizing a host of innovative strategies — from high-end encryption and multi-factor authentication to providing granular levels of data access and masking of personal data of users — emSigner is a perfect blend of utility, convenience, and security
  • emSigner’s inbuilt hybrid QR code supports online validation of documents by utilizing QR readers and offline verification by using emSigner app. This unique ability can mitigate risks originating from forgery of documents

This is just the tip of the ice burg. If you have a plan to go paperless, or just want to talk about whether emSigner would be a good fit for your business, please reach out to us at 

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