Moving beyond OTP and 2FA – emAS MFA


NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is no longer recommending OTP’s as a form of authentication.-

Given today’s threat landscape, good security requires strong authentication practices. Passwords and OTP’s are no longer considered secure, which is why there is a need to use other forms of authentication that is based on a combination of “What you know” and “What you have” to secure access to critical applications in your organization.

Using multiple independent factors multiplies the effort that cybercriminals must exert to break in, and their failed attempts can raise immediate red flags for the organization to look into.

  • eMudhra’s emAS MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) allows over 15 modes of authentication including biometric, iris and passwordless access using cryptographic keys that are extremely secure.
  • emAS will provide you with more flexibility on hardware as we support a wider range of devices than an average solution would.

* We have some of the smallest, cost effective, and most secure devices working with emAS.

  • Covering a wide range of authentication mechanisms, emAS is a future proof solution that can add value to you and your customers as you evolve in your authentication policies.

It’s no wonder that emAS is running in over 47 banks and processes over 10 million authentications EVERY DAY.

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