Facing Credential attacks and cyber threats? emAS MFA can safeguard your digital infrastructure

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Solution  - emAS MFA
Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber-Attacks at All-time Using emAS MFA

In adjusting to the new normal, access and authentication has taken a significantly more prominent role in the IT Security landscape of today. eMudhra has been working in Identity & Digital Trust for over a decade and has been instrumental in bringing some of the latest tech at the forefront to ensure adequate security and assurance in an ever more digital world.

With a wide range of authentication models that range from simple OTP solutions, to complex AI based, behavioral analytics driven multi-factor models, emAS has been at center of the Authentication & Access management at hundreds of organizations across the globe.

Here’s why 100 + organizations found emAS useful:

  • Quick deployment of both On-Premise / Private Cloud
  • 8 factors of authentication, AI-driven MFA, and more.
  • Optimal pricing to ensure value for money without sacrificing quality

If you would like to learn more about eMudhra’s multi factor authentication solution, emAS MFA then please get in touch with us at eservices@emudhra.com or visit https://www.emudhra.com

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