One Box for Going Paperless – emSigner Appliance

emSigner, our flagship signer solution has helped many enterprises, government agencies and institutions of all types go paperless easily over the past few years.
However, we wanted to make ‘going paperless’ simpler, especially if you prefer that the data reside on your premise. That’s why we have introduced the emSigner Appliance.
emSigner Appliance is eMudhra’s Signing appliance with enterprise grade hardware, an in-built HSM module and emSigner software. Here are a few points to note:

  • emSigner Appliance is great if you need your data to reside on-premise. It also helps that it’s a plug-and-play deployment with easy integration with third party applications.
  • emSigner Appliance is great for invoice signing, HR processing, Accounts processing and many of the use cases for which you use emSigner today.
  • emSigner Appliance comes with eMudhra’s own signer certificate to ensure legal validity of all the signed documents. For global users, AATL trusted certificates come as part of the package.

For more information on emSigner Appliance, specifications and details click here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your relationship manager to talk about emSigner suite and how it can add value to your organization or clients.

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