Paperless Hospital, the next step forward in Healthcare

As many of us know, the value of a seamless hospital experience is priceless. However, did you know that making it seamless also generally tends to reduce costs significantly for the healthcare provider? Hospitals process tons of paper every single day. What’s worse is that most of the paper processed corresponds to sensitive personal data!

Going paperless is not just about convenience and cost reduction here, it can also help comply with regional and international data protection regulations. emSigner, our paperless office suite is catered to bring security, savings, and convenience to healthcare. emSigner can:

  • Digitize all internal approvals and bring legal admissibility to staff and customer actions across all workflows
  • Enable receivers to verify authenticity of eDocuments which are issued by the hospitals using eMudhra’s unique Hybrid Secure QR Technology
  • Combine emSigner with our emAS Authentication suite to enable multiple levels of
    Assurance in the Signature process.

There’s a lot more that emSigner can do in Healthcare. From document storage and retrieval to digital prescription which can be easily verified by pharmacists anywhere, there’s a lot to talk about.

View the brochure here, or get in touch with us to learn more. Oh, and one more thing,
emSigner can integrate with most HMS systems using our Open API’s.

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