Fast-track Vendor Management Process Using emSigner

Fast-track Vendor Management Process Using emSinger
Fast-track Vendor Management Process Using emSigner

What was once a vision is now reality! No more filing cabinets, no more paper trail, no more wasting time and no more frustration. Instead you save time and money, and also increase your efficiency using emSigner. Leveraging this innovative digital signing and workflow management solution, financial organizations can digitize, automate and streamline several previously paper-intensive processes including storage, management and signing of vendor agreements, contracts, tax compliance documents, invoices, purchase orders, warranty forms, etc.   

The core of emSigner is designed to offer high-end security and flexibility with multiple signing options, paired with easy integration into any existing application ecosystem. This makes it an ideal solution for creating an end-to-end paperless ecosystem in the vendor management space. 

Here are some of the salient features of emSigner:  

  • emSigner allows you to digitally sign documents in serial, parallel or bulk from anywhere, through any device instantly thus enabling complete digital transformation 
  • Financial organizations can use emSigner Gateway Services (ESGS) for 3rd party integrations with a host of popular ERP, CRM and Accounting Systems such as SAP, Tally, Sage, Epicor, Salesforce and others   
  • emSigner’s audit trail coupled with support for multiple types of digital signatures enables it to meet or exceed regulatory requirements such as EU eIDAS legislation, US ESign Act, Indian IT Act and many more 
  • Support for token based digital signatures and remote signing 

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