PKI as a Foundation for Secure Data Exchange

Global privacy laws such as GDPR mandate protection of customer data including any personal identifiable information. Numerous times information exchange is insecure as a result of inadequate safeguards and sometimes, when they are secure, it is with restrictive limitations. It is evident that we need a security infrastructure that would allow us to safely share critical information without compromising performance.
PKI is a leading choice for information and communication security in the age of digital business. Utilizing a hybrid encryption approach reliant on PKI, eMudhra’s emSafe can help protect large amounts of data and high file sizes (up to 10 GB for a single file) to be seamlessly encrypted to the highest global standards. This not only ensures that your critical data does not get compromised through Man-in-the-middle attacks, but also helps your organization put adequate safeguards in place, especially if you deal in personal data.
To learn more about security and encryption standards globally, or how you’re organization can be more secure, reach out to your account manager for a chat with our cybersecurity and PKI Specialists.

Do visit emSafe for more information on securing your data exchange.

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