Preventing Recruitment Forgery using Digital Signatures

How can employers address this flaw? The increasing number of incidents of candidates producing fake documents, signal the need for a thorough scrutiny. As it is seen in many cases, taking a candidate’s claims on face value can prove costly to an organization. At the same time recruitment forgery works the other way too; Job seekers often receive fake job offers via email. While some are easy to spot, others may not be.
Relying on paper security and physical verification processes is cumbersome, expensive, and not scalable. eMudhra’s emSigner can digitize the process in a fool proof manner and effectively reduce both document fraud, and its associated costs!
Here’s why you should consider using emSigner for recruitment:

  • Digitally signed offer letters cannot be reproduced in a manner that can fool the recipient of the letter. In other words, they are tamper proof.
  • Digitally signed offer letters can be printed in a manner that helps the receiver verify the issuer of the document and all the important details in the document in a trusted manner

To learn more on what eMudhra is doing in the space of document forgery for recruitment, diplomas, and more, get in touch with your account manager.

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