Reduce Student Onboarding Time by Upto 80% using emSigner

Imagine what’s possible when you reduce the student onboarding time by more than 80%! Not only will you be better utilize your resources and deliver greater quality of education, but also witness significant monetary savings.     

Well, this is what you’ll get when you utilize emSigner — eMudhra’s market leading paperless office solution — to digitize procedures and streamline workflows. In fact, here is quick snapshot of the benefits that our client witnessed when they used our digital signing and workflow management solution to eliminate paper in the student onboarding process:  

  • Reduce paper trail in student onboarding process by up to 90%  
  • Reduced errors in the process  
  • emSigner provides ESGS (emSigner Gateway Services) for 3rd party integrations with a host of popular ERP, CRM and Accounting Systems such as SAP, Tally, Sage, Epicor, Sales force and others.  
  • Completely eliminated postage, printing and other paper-related costs 
  • Reduced staff time for enrollment by more than 75% 
  • Increased visibility into enrollment and onboarding process  

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