Speed Up Supplier Management Process by Up to 80% using emSigner

There is a relentless struggle among manufacturing companies when it comes to organizing the flow of documents and operational gaps in process flow automation including recording keeping and tracking that could lead to an imminent slowdown.  

emSigner from eMudhra can help manufacturers eliminate potential slowdowns by helping them automate workflows and keep track of records and documents in real-time across the supply chain.   

Supplier Management made easy using emSigner
Supplier Management made easy using emSigner

Some of the ways in which emSigner can augment your supplier management are: 

  • Digitally signing Certificate of Analysis (COA) 
  • Managing supplier contracts — which includes editing, signing, storage and retrieval of contracts — in a digital format without requiring printing 
  • Digitally Signing documents involved in Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain, purchase orders and invoices in a secure manner and sharing between stakeholders  
  • Digitizing Quality Control / Inspection Reports 
  • Review and sign documents individually or in bulk
  • Facilitate PKI based digital document storage and transfer 

To get acquainted to how our innovative digital signing and workflow management solution works, feel free to enroll for a quick demo by clicking this link or directly write to us at eservices@emudhra.com

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