Blockchain – Foreign Remittances

Cross-border payments which account for nearly 40% of the global payment transactional revenues, with payment flows of more than $135 trillion during 2016, are still largely reliant on a complex web of financial institutions resulting in delays and inaccuracies. One of the key components of a foreign trade is a Letter of credit which is … Continue reading Blockchain – Foreign Remittances

Blockchain & Workflow Management

Using blockchain to secure document movement Document driven workflows are prevalent in use cases ranging from land registries to corporate approvals. A centralized storage system can give room for manipulation of data and documents, which most often, is intended to effect material loss to specific individuals and/or cause reputational damage to an institution. Needless to … Continue reading Blockchain & Workflow Management

emBlock – Smart Contracts for Insurance

On a daily basis, a typical insurance business deals with a number of processes involving an insurance contract. It can range from rating a client and deciding on a premium to paying a valid claim and investigating a fraudulent one. One technology which can disrupt this industry is Blockchain. The technology will change the way … Continue reading emBlock – Smart Contracts for Insurance

Blockchain and IoT – How they work together

Blockchain became popular as the engine driving bitcoin and other virtual currencies; however, it seems to be more than this, especially when it comes to the potential of blockchain to transform and to modernize the global economy. In many ways, blockchain and IoT are a perfect pair. Blockchain is currently securing the most valuable cryptocurrencies … Continue reading Blockchain and IoT – How they work together

Blockchain – Land Records

It is stated that land registries across most parts of the world are “badly kept, mismanaged and/ or corrupt” Have you ever gone through the process of buying land? Have you spent sleepless nights wondering if all the titles are intact? Well there seems to be a solution in place that is bound to give … Continue reading Blockchain – Land Records

emBlock – Blockchain for Lending and Trade Finance

Process inefficiencies in payment methods like letters of credit and Bills of lading often undermine the ability to mitigate risk. But by modeling payments as self-executing contracts on blockchain, parties across the trade finance continuum could automate contract compliance and ensure faster assured payments by preventing disputes that arise from ambiguities in payment contract terms … Continue reading emBlock – Blockchain for Lending and Trade Finance

emBlock: KYC on a Hyperledger Fabric

Financial institutions spend an average of $60 million per year on KYC compliance! Know your customer (KYC), while very useful for preventing and tracking crime, can also be a major burden for financial institutions and large customer-facing enterprises. The reason is because complying with KYC regulations is time consuming and expensive. More importantly, there’s a … Continue reading emBlock: KYC on a Hyperledger Fabric

emBlock – A ready Prototype for Smart Contracts on Hyperledger – Blockchain

Are you concerned about the maintenance, security and verification of your contracts? Worried about alteration, manipulation and frauds? Blockchain is a cutting edge technology that is expected to revolutionize industries in terms of bringing in more transparency, efficiency and not to forget, enabling paperless transformation. eMudhra’s emBlock is The Technology you should consider embracing. We … Continue reading emBlock – A ready Prototype for Smart Contracts on Hyperledger – Blockchain

Moving into Blockchain

Blockchain has already been successfully implemented across various market sectors and is expected to revolutionize a significant number of industries over the next decade, including financial services, healthcare, real estate and legal among others. emLabs has developed a framework that can allow your organization to move your data architecture onto a distributed ledger. Some of … Continue reading Moving into Blockchain