Blockchain & Workflow Management

Using blockchain to secure document movement Document driven workflows are prevalent in use cases ranging from land registries to corporate approvals. A centralized storage system can give room for manipulation of data and documents, which most often, is intended to effect material loss to specific individuals and/or cause reputational damage to an institution. Needless to … Continue reading Blockchain & Workflow Management

emStream – Analytics as a Service

Organizations and even teams within large organizations today are faced with massive challenges thanks to the explosion of data from multiple channels. The magnitude of data is often overwhelming. However, when such data is streamlined, processed, and translated to business logic, it can offer a significant advantage to your business over the competition. emStream can … Continue reading emStream – Analytics as a Service

eDiplomas – For authenticity and ease

There are some documents in life that mean something to us as humans. Maybe because it represents our achievements or some form of significant value, either monetary or otherwise. It sure does not feel good, when others, through deceit and fraud, enjoy the same privileges without putting in the efforts. Diploma fraud is a serious … Continue reading eDiplomas – For authenticity and ease

One Box for Going Paperless – emSigner Appliance

emSigner, our flagship signer solution has helped many enterprises, government agencies and institutions of all types go paperless easily over the past few years. However, we wanted to make 'going paperless' simpler, especially if you prefer that the data reside on your premise. That's why we have introduced the emSigner Appliance. emSigner Appliance is eMudhra's … Continue reading One Box for Going Paperless – emSigner Appliance

emBlock – A ready Prototype for Smart Contracts on Hyperledger – Blockchain

Are you concerned about the maintenance, security and verification of your contracts? Worried about alteration, manipulation and frauds? Blockchain is a cutting edge technology that is expected to revolutionize industries in terms of bringing in more transparency, efficiency and not to forget, enabling paperless transformation. eMudhra’s emBlock is The Technology you should consider embracing. We … Continue reading emBlock – A ready Prototype for Smart Contracts on Hyperledger – Blockchain

Event – Asia PKI Consortium

The Asia PKI Consortium 2017 International Symposium - Public Key Infrastructure: Global Adoption and Emerging Trends was successfully held on 17 November 2017 in Bengaluru, India. This event was organized by Asia PKI Consortium & India PKI Forum. The symposium provided a forum for leaders and specialists across the world to present and discuss knowledge … Continue reading Event – Asia PKI Consortium