Secure Digital Diplomas – emSigner

Every year 40,000 to 45,000 students graduate and earn their PhD degrees in the US. However, the number of fake PhD degrees that are churned out by diploma mills during the same period exceeds 50,000. What this shows is that one in every two person claiming to have a PhD degree in the US has … Continue reading Secure Digital Diplomas – emSigner

emSigner – Universities going Paperless

The world is gradually becoming a paperless society, and the education sector is no exception. Going paperless ensures unprecedented productivity, effective cost mitigation, and enables efficient collaboration among students, professors, administrative staff, and even parents! For universities and other educational institutions, going paperless requires viable, trustworthy electronic versions of their most important documents, such as … Continue reading emSigner – Universities going Paperless

Blockchain & Workflow Management

Using blockchain to secure document movement Document driven workflows are prevalent in use cases ranging from land registries to corporate approvals. A centralized storage system can give room for manipulation of data and documents, which most often, is intended to effect material loss to specific individuals and/or cause reputational damage to an institution. Needless to … Continue reading Blockchain & Workflow Management

emAS Suite Latest Addition, ID Authentication

The ever increasing threat of information and identity theft emphasizes the need for a secure identity management solution. Organizations need to provide access to sensitive corporate resources and manage access to an ever-growing number of employees, partners, vendors and customers. In doing so, it’s imperative to consider a future-proof and secure technology that can cover … Continue reading emAS Suite Latest Addition, ID Authentication

Digital Authentication of Physical Paper – emSigner Hybrid QR Technology

Prevent forgery of physical documents using Digital Signatures embedded in QR Codes Paper based documents are widely used in multiple areas across Government, Education, and other industries for sensitive purposes that involve a certain level of risk. However, to safely manage confidential paper information such as medical and financial records is a challenge. Frauds remain … Continue reading Digital Authentication of Physical Paper – emSigner Hybrid QR Technology

emAS SSO – Enable a single sign on in your organization

Single Sign On Authentication (a part of emAS IAM Suite) can provide your users with a seamless authentication experience while they navigate through your applications. So how does this work? Once users log into any one of your applications, they won’t have to enter their credentials again when entering another one, as they will be … Continue reading emAS SSO – Enable a single sign on in your organization

emBlock – Smart Contracts for Insurance

On a daily basis, a typical insurance business deals with a number of processes involving an insurance contract. It can range from rating a client and deciding on a premium to paying a valid claim and investigating a fraudulent one. One technology which can disrupt this industry is Blockchain. The technology will change the way … Continue reading emBlock – Smart Contracts for Insurance

Blockchain and IoT – How they work together

Blockchain became popular as the engine driving bitcoin and other virtual currencies; however, it seems to be more than this, especially when it comes to the potential of blockchain to transform and to modernize the global economy. In many ways, blockchain and IoT are a perfect pair. Blockchain is currently securing the most valuable cryptocurrencies … Continue reading Blockchain and IoT – How they work together