The Need for Adaptive Authentication Solution

Did you know that as per Gartner, by 2020, 25% of new digital business initiatives will adopt a Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) based approach for user authentication? This is nearly a fourfold increase when you compare it to the figures of last year. Wondering what is the reason for this? As per experts, this is because conventional, credential-based authentication methods tend to have a negative impact on user/customer experience. On the other hand CARTA based adaptive approach will alleviate this pain point.  

Hence what are you waiting for? Ensure that you do not fall behind the race by utilizing CARTA based user authentication provided by emAS MFA, eMudhra’s proprietary Multi-factor Authentication solution. Leveraging a high-end risk-based authentication technology, emAS MFA measures the risk associated with a user’s login and post-login activities using a variety of risk indicators. The AI-powered system then prompts for additional identity assurance for scenarios that are high risk and/or in violation of rules established by an organization. As a result of all these innovative features, it has been listed as one of the Top Authentication Solutions in the Industry in the Gartner report titled, “Market Guide for User Authentication.”

Here are some of the highlights of our adaptive authentication solution:

  • emAS’s adaptive authentication offers ability to create MFA profiles (with 3 authentication modes that can be stepped up) based on combination of Rule based profiles and Machine Learning based anomaly detection
  • Rule definitions and checks include high risk IP check, change in IP Address, change in OS and browser parameters, geographic barrier check and so on
  • Machine Learning based anomaly detection can use input parameters such as time taken to enter username, time taken to enter password, delete press count and so on

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