Transcript Signing for Universities Using emSigner

Did you know that the average number of students enrolling undergraduate programs in top 1000 ranked institutions around the globe last year was 6,316? This number jumps up to 45000+, when you consider the average among the 10 institutions with the highest undergraduate enrollments. (Source:  U.S. News)

Now consider the amount of time and effort it takes for the Registrar’s office of each of these institutions to print, sign and issue official transcripts — which is nothing but an academic record or an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned by a student — to these many number of students after completing the course of study. Staggering isn’t it!

Why not take the burden of above mentioned cumbersome tasks off the shoulders of the Office of University Registrar and allow them to concentrate on their core job by using emSigner? This innovative paperless solution that is powered by PKI technology will not only enable the Office of University Registrar to seamlessly generate digital copies of official transcripts, but also authenticate and make them tamper-proof by using digital signatures.

Here are some highlights of emSigner suite:

  • emSigner supports multiple transcript signing options – bulk, multi-party, HSM based signing
  • emSigner uses our document creation engine to automate the process of generating and signing transcripts by integrating with your DB or through bulk CSV/XLS upload
  • emSigner uses the power of PKI to not only facilitate digital signing but to also generate a secure QR code which can be used by anyone to verify the authenticity of the official transcripts  (online/offline)

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